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Summer sunny,
naturally bitter, fruity sweet.

That is the character of this extraordinary aperitif, which is made on the basis of sun-ripened Majorcan bitter oranges.

Enjoy the taste of Majorca with friends, always well chilled, pure on ice, as a spritz with a dry local cava or in mixed drinks.

Download ideas for recipes here!

16% alcohol

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Bitter oranges have been cultivated for over 4000 years and were also cultivated in southern Europe as early as the 11th century, around 400 years before the sweet oranges found their way to Europe. You can find the trees on Mallorca in many old gardens, but the fruits are hardly used today. Because of their attractive appearance and the intense scent of their flowers, they line numerous streets and squares on the island as decorative and fragrant standard trees.

There are also some old specimens in the Can Cavall Blau garden. In search of a use for these fruits, we developed the recipe for the AMARGÉRO. This aperitif, which was made by hand and took a lot of time, was initially only intended for private consumption together with good friends and visitors to our finca.

When, after some time, we decided to produce the AMARGÉRO for the official market because of the very positive feedback, the question first arose as to where a sufficiently large number of bitter oranges came from  get, which are untreated and can keep up with the taste of the old variety from our garden. After we found almost exclusively bitter orange trees of the "Sevilliana" variety in local tree nurseries, which were intended as avenue trees and whose fruits differ significantly in taste from our own, we decided to propagate our own old trees. For this purpose, other citrus trees were grafted with branches of our existing bitter orange trees. In this way we can guarantee that we can harvest fruit in our own garden with exactly the quality and taste that we need for our AMARGÉRO.

Next we had to look for a local partner for the production, because although the AMARGÉRO is still produced in relatively small, exclusive quantities, production on the local finca was no longer an option. We found a long-established distillery that was founded here on Mallorca more than 120 years ago and is still family-owned today. Here our aperitif is made from our own fruits and according to the recipe we developed in a complex maceration process and bottled unfiltered.

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   100% MAJORCA *

You will receive AMARGÉRO in selected 

shops, bars and restaurants 

in Mallorca and in Germany
and of course directly in our online shop.

For deliveries outside of Spain, we will forward you to our sales partners in Germany:

Contact for resellers/gastronomy:

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