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Uep! Llimonada

Refreshingly fruity lemonades
100% natural

Enjoy these summery-fresh lemonades from Mallorca in three different flavours:

Lemon - Rosemary
Grapefruit - Mint
Pomegranate - Verbena

Taste pure as they are, without carbonation, or sparkled with a little soda water.


Uep! Llimonada

The first thing our older Majorcan neighbor called out to us after he saw us for the first time on the newly acquired finca was a very friendly

(For all non-Majorcans: "Uep" is Majorcin and means something like "Hey").

When we were looking for a catchy name for our lemonades that should stand for the original and rural Mallorca, we found this UEP! very quickly landed.

But now to our lemonades.
The use of freshly harvested, sun-ripened fruits in combination with aromatic herbs results in light, summery lemonades with a very special, Mediterranean taste. All fruits and herbs come from our gardens and are harvested when fully ripe and then gently processed by a partner company in the neighboring village of Binissalem using only natural ingredients. It goes without saying that our lemonades are free from preservatives and colorings.

Since the ingredients for our lemonades are only available very seasonally, we cannot reproduce them without limitations. We therefore ask for your understanding if not all varieties are always available. In return, you can be sure that you will receive an absolutely natural and regional product of high quality!

UEP! LLimonada is bottled in practical and environmental friendly 500 ml glass bottles. These are suitable for reuse and can be returned to us.

   100% MAJORCA *

You get Uep! Llimonada in selected bars on Majorca
and of course directly with us.

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