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Nispero jam
  • Nispero trees have been widespread throughout the Mediterranean for centuries, including Majorca. Usually, these very tasty fruits are eaten fresh from the tree or used for cakes. In this recipe, the nisperos from our garden develop a very special aroma, as they are first baked in the oven before they are further processed into this jam rounded off with a touch of cinnamon.


    Enjoy our Nispero jam in the classic way for breakfast as a spread, with fresh croissants, on a good piece of cheese or as a basis for tasty desserts.

    Nispero jam

    1 Kilogram
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    • Contents: Nisperos, cane sugar, cinnamon


      Nutritional values (per 100g): Energy 253kcal, fat 1.3g of which saturated fatty acids 0.9g, carbohydrates 61g of which sugar 60g, protein 0.37g, salt 0.025g

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