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We grow about 1.2 hectares of Mantonegro and Merlot grapes and currently produce two different wines from our grapes,



a red natural wine.

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When we took over our finca in 2017, we also found some very old vines on the property. However, most of them were completly overgrown and some vines were growing meters high in wild olive trees. At first, we thought we could reactivate these ancient vines, but then quickly realized that this was not promising due to the lack of care over many years. Today, our young olive and almond trees grow on this land.
Nevertheless, we did not want to be dissuaded from the idea of cultivating wine on our finca again. Especially as our piece of land is located in one of the most renowned wine-growing areas on the island (Binissalem), we are surrounded by extensive vineyards and the soil of our finca - according to our older Mallorcan neighbors - has already produced good wines in the past.

So, after lengthy preparations, we were finally able to plant vines on an area of around 1.2 hectares in the spring of 2021. We opted for two red vines, namely the autochthonous Mantonegro variety and Merlot.


 Can Cavall Blau is located at the transition from the "Raiguer" region at the foot of the Tamuntana mountain range to the "Es Plà" region, the more or less flat center of the island. Here, our vines thrive on the "Call Vermell" soil, the red soil of Mallorca, which is so typical of this wine-growing region. In addition to the grape variety, the soil, the "terroir", has the greatest influence on the taste of the subsequent wine.

The stony "Call Vermell" is characterized by a high limestone, clay and mineral content and is therefore ideal for growing grapes. Although the numerous stones on the surface appear rather infertile at first glance, the stones have an important function in that they prevent excessive evaporation of soil moisture.

Our vineyard is cultivated according to the principles of organic farming. As far as possible, we go beyond the prescribed minimum standards and are guided by the much stricter standards of the "Delinat method", which sees the vineyard as an ecosystem in which biodiversity plays a special role. Weeds in the lower vineyard are regulated exclusively by mechanical soil cultivation, while in the tramlines we aim for year-round soil vegetation. Only well-matured compost from the farm's own horse manure is used to fertilize the plants as required. Both the pruning of the plants and the harvesting of the grapes are done traditionally by hand.





Can Cavall Blau only processes grapes from its own vineyard and is a member of the "Denominación Binissalem" and "Vi de la Terra Mallorca" quality and origin associations. Our exclusive wines are produced with love, to the highest quality standards and in very limited quantities.

In collaboration with experienced oenologists, we produce two different wine lines, the natural wine "Es Gat Anarquista" and the traditionally produced "Can Cavall Blau".


Es Gat Anarquista is a natural wine that is produced in collaboration with our friend and natural wine specialist Charlie Prymaka (operator of the wonderful natural wine store CAV. in the old town of Palma) according to the principle of "minimal intervention".
Selected Merlot grapes are harvested by hand in 15 kg containers and then traditionally crushed into mash with the feet. After standing for just under a day, the mash is gently pressed using a hydraulic press and transferred to a stainless steel fermentation tank. Here, the sugar is fermented into alcohol without the addition of sulphur or cultured yeasts, using only the yeasts naturally occurring on the berry skins. This natural fermentation process takes place very slowly and lasts around six weeks. The wine is then removed from the yeast and matures for 5 months in a stainless steel tank before being bottled by hand and unfiltered without the use of pumps.
The result is a lively, very fruity, intensely colored wine with 11% alcohol
and a pleasant acidity.

Recommended drinking temperature: 10-12°C

Number of bottles Vintage 2023:  225 (individually numbered by hand)

Exclusively available here or at:

CAV. Palma

Bar-Bodega Biniaraix

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Can Cavall Blau - Blanc de Negre is made from our red Merlot grapes in collaboration with the young Mallorcan oenologist Guillem Suner. As the grapes are pressed immediately after harvest, very little red pigment and tannins from the skins pass into the light must. Further processing follows the principle of classic white wine production, so that the result is a "Blanc de Negre", i.e. a lightly colored white wine made from red grapes.

The Merlot grapes are harvested by hand in 15kg containers, transported quickly and carefully from the vineyard to the bodega and pressed immediately with only minimal pressure. The resulting light must is fermented in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature of 16°C over a period of around 3 weeks. After a further 6 months of maturation, also in stainless steel tanks, the Blanc de Negre is bottled in elegant Bordeaux bottles and is ready to drink immediately.

Can Cavall Blau – Blanc de Negre is a light, young wine with 11% alcohol and tastes well chilled, especially with fish, seafood, tapas and summer vegetable dishes.


Recommended drinking temperature: 10-12°C

Number of bottles vintage 2023: 660

Available here or at:

Bolsita Verde Palma

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